Velocidi’s 2020 in Review

Dear friends,

As we close out 2020, we will now attempt to summarize the year’s events in a blog post.

It’s tradition, after all. Since last year at least.

This year has been, well, you can finish that sentence how you like.

We transitioned our whole team to remote work to avoid spreading a novel virus wreaking prolonged havoc on the entire world. We endured screen fatigue and got used to our co-workers being the only people we regularly interact with.

We confronted violent and tragic events one after another and made efforts to find resolutions and progress in our personal lives and in the workplace.

With the pandemic, societal unrest, and all manner of other challenges weighing on us, we nevertheless managed to score a few material victories this year. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have added to our team, while many others suffered layoffs. And thankfully, none of us to date has had a positive test.

First and foremost among our victories are the ones claimed by our clients as they’ve continued to experiment and see positive results. For example, Figleaves saw increases in ROAS, cost-per-acquisition, and average order value using Velocidi to target ‘high-intent’ site visitors. MO Fashion managed to outperform a market-leading retargeting vendor using Velocidi audiences of their first-party data.

Wins for our clients also led to industry recognition. This year we won the Digiday Technology Award for Best E-commerce Technology and the MarTech Breakthrough award for Best Overall Conversion Optimization Solution. We were also finalists for the I-COM Data Startup Challenge, the Digiday Technology Award for Best Customer Data Platform, and the Adexchanger award for Best Data-Enabling Technology.

Through it all, our product and engineering teams have continued to crank out new and exciting features. We’ve added next-purchase-predictions to help our clients tailor messaging to individual buying cycles and reduce churn. We’ve added segmentation by product brand, size, and category, helping our clients serve specific customer needs. And we’ve added automated segmentation strategies for every stage of the buyer journey to help our clients get results fast and effortlessly.

And so we come to the end of 2020. We’ve grown our client base. We’ve received validation from our clients and the industry at large. We’ve added to our team. And we’ve practiced the subtle art of non-work conversational Slack messages. The fact that we’ve accomplished all this under the shadow of multiple global crises is frankly astonishing. We have so many people to thank—our clients, partners, investors, team members, friends, and family that we just called up to talk to once in a while—for making this year as successful as it was.

We’re still being careful, keeping our distance, washing our hands, and monitoring the size of our bubbles. Vaccines are being shipped out, and we’re hopeful that we’ll get to see each other in person at some point in 2021.

Thank you all for bearing through this year with us.

Have a Happy New Year!

Team Velocidi

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