Software Engineer

Porto, Portugal / Remote

As a Software Engineer, you will join a multidisciplinary team building technology for leveraging first-party data for digital marketing initiatives across channels and platforms.

About Velocidi

Velocidi is a first-party audience solution for e-commerce marketers. Brands and their agencies use Velocidi to automatically build and segment their first-party audiences for strategic marketing on major platforms. Velocidi’s award-winning technology uses machine learning to predict customer behavior and create highly precise segments for campaigns that maximize revenue and accelerate growth.

Our team consists of experts and enthusiasts in data, analytics, AI, marketing, and media. Our mission is to help brands protect and nurture their greatest asset: their first-degree customer relationships.

Life at Velocidi

We are an agile company operating in a dynamic landscape. Working in a rapidly-growing international market can be demanding, so we actively promote and encourage work-life balance for all team members.

We offer flexible hours and a work-from-home-whenever policy so that you can manage your time as it best suits you. We foster team camaraderie with team lunches and occasional outings. We have a dog-friendly office space and a strict “No assholes” policy. We trust and respect our teammates, clients, and partners. And we support and challenge each other to achieve excellence through collaboration and open communication across departments.

Start growing your brand with Velocidi

Velocidi takes the guess-work out of marketing by making machine learning practical and accessible. Book a demo to see how we can help your brand grow.