First-Party Audiences for E-Commerce Marketers

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Velocidi provides a full plug-and-play audience solution including everything from the technology, the segmentation strategy, and activation.

Collect your own first-party customer data and automatically segment both new and returning customers into advertising segments optimized for every stage of the funnel.

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Tailored Strategies for Your Business

Check out how Velocidi helps improve performance for with automatic audience segments designed with your use cases in mind.

Audience Strategies for E-commerce

Audience Strategies for Fashion Brands

Audience Strategies for Subscription Brands

Audience Strategies for Online Marketplaces

For Every Funnel Stage, and Every Channel

Convert, reach and retain valuable customers

Conversion Optimization

Audience strategies for conversion optimization

Likelihood to buy

Maximize conversion rates and ROAS by Identifying which of your customers are most likely to convert, and which ones never will. Always reach the right customers in your campaigns.


Audience Strategies for Customer Acquisition

Lookalike Seeds

Attract high-value, loyal customers with audiences designed for lookalike campaigns. Machine-learning and RFM models create automatic segments of your best customers so you can find more of them easily.


Next Purchase Predictions

Machine learning and RFM models create segments of customers who are most likely to be in the market for their next purchase, taking into account the global buying patterns for different types of customers and products.

CLV Attribution

custom audiences for fashion brands

Predictive Lifetime Value, CLV Attribution

In this step, our models predict the lifetime value of each customer and generate multi-touch attribution reports that show which channels are producing the strongest long-term revenue.

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