Audiences For Social Media and Display Teams

Raising the bar for your most performance-driven channels

Increase e-commerce revenue from social media and display campaigns with machine-learning and RFM audience segments automatically created from your first-party customer data.


Customer Acquisition

Use segments capturing high CLV, high intent, or high-spending customers as seeds for Lookalike Audiences on Facebook and Similar Audiences on Google.

Increase sales and ROAS

Catch new customers who are currently shopping, not those who are already done shopping, by modeling your audiences off of website visitors who look like they are in a buying journey but have not converted.

An RFM audience of your current customers who are high spenders, recent buyers, and frequent purchasers – all at the same time. Finding more of these people will increase your average customer lifetime value.

An RFM audience of your current customers who have spent the most. Use this audience as a lookalike seed to get a higher average order value (AOV).


Conversion Optimization

Audiences predicting buyer intent levels ready to activate in your retargeting campaigns. Improve sales, return on ad spend, and cost per acquisition by cutting out non-converters and driving more ‘on-the-fence’ customers in the finish line.

Improve Conversions / ROAS

Optimize conversions, increase sales, and improve return on ad spend by only retargeting people who are actively shopping and have the potential to convert.


Retain Customers

Predictive audiences capturing each customer who is likely to be in-market for their next purchase. Drive repeat purchases by keeping messages timely and relevant for each individual customer.

Improve Retention & Reduce Churn

Win repeat purchases from previous converters by timing your messaging to meet their needs.

Get strategic and hyper-targeted with your offers and discounts and use them to win back customers who are on the brink of churning.


Reactivate Customers

Even when it feels like a last-ditch effort, retaining current customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

Win Back Lapsed Customers

An RFM audience segment of your customers with the lowest Recency scores. Use this segment to send offers and win back churned customers.

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