A central hub for omnichannel targeting

Velocidi makes your machine learning audiences available for real-time campaign delivery with built-in integrations to major ad platforms, email systems, personalization platforms, etc.

Managing audience activation within the Velocidi platform also provides the advantage of controlling your exposure of customer data to third-party platforms and minimizing data leakage.

Omnichannel Receivers

Package audiences for display, email, social, or any delivery system you can think of from one place.

Our integration catalog is constantly growing to accommodate your every request.

Responsive in Real Time

Audiences activated through your Velocidi platform remain dynamic, so customers can flow in and out of them according to behavior triggers.

This means your messages will always be timely and relevant, and you can stop targeting customers with product ads as soon as they’ve made the purchase.

Controlled Exposure

Velocidi makes sure each data receiver gets only the data it needs to deliver messages to your audience, and nothing else.

Customer IDs in each segment are anonymized and can’t be individually identified by the receiver.

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