Why You Should Want to Work at Velocidi

We’re in the middle of a hiring spree right now, with open positions in everything from software engineering to marketing to customer success. So in the excitement and anticipation of welcoming new team members, we’re getting sentimental and reflective about why we like working here so much. 

Velocidi’s small team has people who have been here for almost 10 years. We have people who started out as interns and never left. Over the years this company has had its ups and downs, and we certainly aren’t perfect today. But there are reasons why we choose to work here and we’d like to share them with you.

We polled the team with a few questions about why we initially joined Velocidi and why we continue to enjoy working here. Here are a few of the highlights.

One of the questions we asked our teammates was “What are the top three reasons you like working here?” Work-life balance, transparency, the collaborative environment, and having a close-knit team were recurring themes. 


“Flexibility, great team and belief in our product.”
“I still learn new things, I am involved with relevant technologies and I am not just blindly coding things without having any say on the things we are building.”
“Our product is very interesting from an engineering point of view, I get to learn a lot about how the sharing of information works on the Internet. We have a very nice tech stack that is interesting to work with.”
“We’re doing a lot with a small team, I like the efficiency required for it; we’re working on a disruptive market, with a unique solution.”
“I like the people. I like working in an interesting industry. I like how we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”
“Our product, the full transparency I feel between colleagues and even our clients, potential to grow (both the company and professionally)”
“The team. Schedule flexibility. Opportunity to work on cross-functional projects (customer success, sales, marketing, product, etc.)”
“The really flexible schedule, where I feel a trust in that I will do my job regardless of when. The team that is really good and always looking to improve and do things better. The feeling of closeness with everyone, which is enhanced by a stable team for a long time.”
“Work with great people, face new challenges regularly, learning a lot about digital marketing.”
“Work-life balance, everyone matters, exciting product with a huge margin for success.”


But of course, our company is not without its shortcomings. We don’t have enough people for one. Working remotely has its downsides. And working in a startup means things can change fast, and that comes with some frustrations. 


“I’m the bottleneck for several groups in the company, without the required time to always ensure everything is top notch. It is sometimes stressful to ensure the wheel keeps turning.” 
“Working remotely can get lonely and depressing. Making a point to get into non-work conversations with co-workers occasionally can help a lot. But the lack of opportunities for casual un-planned conversations to forge low-effort connections with your colleagues is not something you can replace.”
“Some technological assumptions or design decisions may change very quickly. This can be considered as something positive. But the reality is that things that were very important a couple of months ago can now be useless.”
“The highs are high but the lows can be low, especially when a new challenge comes up that doesn’t have an easy solution.”


Does this sound like your dream company yet? If you need more convincing, here are a few more things the team would like you to know. 


“We are games enthusiasts, so when we have a chance to play or talk about it we will. Also, we are looking for getting more diversity in our group, so as a representative of the LGBTQIA+ minority here I’ll be more than happy to greet the uniqueness of my future colleagues.”
“You will have a lot of space to create and build your own ideas, also you will feel that you’ll have to move more “pieces” in order to achieve your goal since there’s a lot of undiscovered roads for everyone.”
“It is important to know how to discuss both problems and solutions with colleagues; We favour some degree of autonomy, and we also welcome new ideas that bring value to the product as well as things that facilitate the everyday life of people designing and coding the product; We are a small team and, as such, we tend to be flexible and agile.”
“You’ll have room to grow and a team to support that growth. You’ll be able to influence the decisions on your department and, if you want to, the company direction. Good ideas are always welcomed by everyone.”
“It’s a very hip field to work in, given the current world. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how data is collected and how it is used for online marketing purposes. I think I could use what I’ve learned here and put it to practice in a lot of different contexts.”
“Ideal candidates are self-motivated and have the ability to prioritize and execute their work with little oversight and management.”
“It is not how things are but how you will make them be.”
“Come work to where your work is valued as much as your well-being.”


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