Audience Strategies for Subscription Brands

Audience strategies for subscription brands

Grow faster by following tried-and-true audience strategies for subscription marketers. Reduce churn, attract new customers, and increase revenue using first-party customer data and smart segmentation with Velocidi.

Audience strategies for online marketplaces

For every funnel stage, and every channel.

Retain and attract valuable customers.



Churn Prevention, Email Engagement Predictions

Get more out of your email marketing and other retention channels with potential churn predictions and predictive email audiences.

Churn prediction uses machine learning to gather all the signals available to you and predict when a customer might need some extra attention. Predictions are based on both individual and global customer behavior data. Use these to send offers and messages at exactly the right time to make sure you are meeting every need.

Email engagement predictions can be used to determine the best day of week and time of day to send emails to each individual. And to determine whether the customer is likely to open and click on emails. These micro-predictions help keep your overall deliverability healthy, to safeguard his essential channel.

Conversion Optimization


Audience strategies for conversion optimization

Active Potential Converters

Your Active Potential Converters audience captures your online store visitors whose behavior suggests they are in a buying journey. It applies to both new and returning customers.

You can use this audience on any of your digital channels. Instead of retargeting all of your visitors alike, reach those who are most likely to convert. Break the audience down into smaller segments for personalization.

CASE STUDY: How Barkyn Doubled Retargeting Conversions with Velocidi

Customer Acquisition


Audience Strategies for Customer Acquisition

Lookalike Seeds

Building segments of your current customers to feed lookalike models is an essential audience strategy to fuel your growth.

Use RFM Segments capturing your most loyal, highest-spending customers as seed audiences for lookalike models on Facebook and Google. Use Active Potential Converters as a lookalike seed to attract potential customers who are likely to be in-market.

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Custom segmentation tools for subscription use cases

brand size and category segments

Brand, size, and category segments

Segment your customers by interactions with brands, product sizes, or categories to create hyper-personalized campaigns.

Find upsell and cross-sell opportunities by understanding each customer’s buyer profile in detail.

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