Audience Strategies for Fashion Brands

Audience strategies for fashion brands

Grow faster by following tried-and-true audience strategies for fashion marketers. Successful fashion brands and retailers have increased performance and revenue from digital marketing with first-party customer data and smart segmentation with Velocidi. Based on real-life experimentation and fully customizable to your specific needs, we make it easy for you to maximize revenue from marketing.

Audience strategies for online marketplaces

For every funnel stage, and every channel.

Convert, reach and retain valuable customers.

Conversion Optimization


Audience strategies for conversion optimization

Active Potential Converters

Maximize conversion rates and ROAS by Identifying which of your customers are most likely to convert, and which ones never will.

Your Active Potential Converters audience captures your online store visitors whose behavior suggests they are in a buying journey. It applies to both new and returning customers.

You can use this audience on any of your digital channels. Instead of retargeting all of your visitors alike, reach those who are most likely to convert. Break the audience down into smaller segments for personalization.

CASE STUDY: First-party Audiences Outperform Market-Leading Retargeting Vendor

Customer Acquisition


Audience Strategies for Customer Acquisition

Lookalike Seeds

Attract high-value, loyal customers with audiences designed for lookalike campaigns.

Yes, you CAN use your first-party data to attract new customers! Building segments of your current customers to feed lookalike models is an essential audience strategy to fuel your growth.

Use RFM Segments capturing your most loyal, highest-spending customers as seed audiences for lookalike models on Facebook and Google. Use Active Potential Converters  as a lookalike seed to attract potential customers who are likely to be in-market.

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Next Purchase Predictions, Email Engagement Predictions

Get more out of your email marketing and other retention channels with next purchase predictions and predictive email audiences.

Timely Re-engagement Audiences predict when each customer is most likely to be in-market for their next purchase. Predictions are based on their own buying history and global customer behavior data. Use these to send offers and messages at exactly the right time to drive repeat purchases. Use the Churned Customers audience to win back customers with tailored messages or special offers.

Custom segmentation tools for fashion use cases

custom audiences for fashion brands

Brand, size, and category segments

Segment your customers by interactions with brands, product sizes, or categories to create hyper-personalized campaigns.

Reach parents with messages offering the next size up just as their child grows out of their previous size. Reach customers who wear size 11 athletic shoes when you need to move some excess size 11 Nikes.

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