No CDP is an island

Integrate with almost any advertising or marketing platform you can think of – even other CDPs! Velocidi acts as a machine learning booster for your existing CDP, and in some cases we’ll be an end-to-end CDP solution.

Helping you connect the dots in your omnichannel customer journeys is one of the things we do best.

Activate email and device IDs to Facebook Custom Audiences using a server-to-server connection. Re-engage dormant clients who haven’t visited the site in a while to improve retention rates.

activation, facebook custome audiences, native integration

Reach your pre-segmented audiences on Facebook to serve relevant and timely ads to the right people at the right time.

activation, collection, native integration, webhook, pixel

Automatically send audiences to Sendgrid and supercharge your transactional and email marketing data with machine learning.

activation, webhook

Connect Velocidi and Google Ads to reach your first-party audiences in search and display campaigns.

activation, webhook, HTML tag

Connect Velocidi and Google Analytics to incorporate your first-party audience intelligence into your e-commerce analytics.

activation, webhook, HTML tag

Connect Velocidi and Google Display & Video 360 and to deliver campaigns to your first-party audiences.

activation, webhook, HTML tag

Connect with Velocidi to make the most out of Criteo’s advertising technology solutions with your machine learning tailored audiences.

activation, pixel, retargeting

Push your audiences to MediaMath using its pixel and segment parameters, or S2S integration, using cookie syncing to identify MediaMath’s user cookies.

activation, pixel, retargeting

Go beyond SendinBlue’s dashboard by pushing your smart segments. Make the most out of your email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, chat and CRM data.

activation, webhook, email marketing

Integrate the data from one of the leading customer personalization platforms to enrich your customer profiles.

collection, import webhook

Serve personalized display ads to your machine learning-powered audiences via integration between Adform and Velocidi.

activation, pixel, advertising

Postmark and Velocidi work in tandem to make automated transactional emails even more effective with the power of machine learning.

activation, webhook, email marketing

MailGun’s out-of-the-box integrations let’s you push your audiences and improve email marketing ROI with machine learning-powered segments.

activation, collection, webhook, native integration, pixel

Syncing SpotX and Velocidi gives valuable insight into video performance across desktop, mobile and connected devices.

activation, pixel, video ads

Collect data and push smart audiences to Mailchimp. Apply powerful machine learning to your email marketing with Velocidi.

activation, data collection, segments, email tags

Make the most of your customer data with email and marketing automation supercharged by Velocidi’s machine learning capabilities.

data collection, activation, native integration, email automation

Connect with Intelliad’s performance marketing suite and push your smart audiences to maximize your performance.

activation, retargeting, json

Supercharge your retargeting strategy with Remintrex powered by Velocidi’s smart audiences and captivate visitors who’d be lost otherwise.

activation, retargeting, json

Smartclip offers you the possibility to offer personalized multiscreen ad experience to your audiencess via integration with Velocidi

activation, pixel, video ads

Connect to Pinterest to reach people who are ready for your ideas and products and capitalize on that data.

activation, pixel, social, product


Use pixels from a wide range of partners to create a gateway for data sharing with your CDP.

generic integration strategy


Add custom integrations for audience activation with any platform that supports data transfer via webhooks.

generic integration strategy

File Drop

Import customer data files from your CRM or transactional systems to sync cookies and user IDs and keep omnichannel records of customer behavior.

generic integration strategy


Embed tags in your online store and other digital properties to send in real-time information to your CDP.

generic integration strategy

Learn more about how Velocidi integrates with your tech stack in our documentation

Plus, on-demand integrations

Connect your data sources and integrate your channels with Velocidi’s machine learning brain to unlock the following benefits.

Can’t find your favorite service on the list? Don’t worry! The generic connectors (Pixel, Webhook, HTML…) can connect any service to Velocidi and supercharge your brand with the power of predictive marketing.