First-party Audiences Outperform the Market-Leading Retargeting Vendor

The top vendor in display retargeting for the past several years has maintained dominance and has delivered good ROI for their clients despite one major drawback: brands have limited control of their campaigns.

This is possible because the retargeting vendor controls huge amounts of audience data. So they control the audience intelligence and the audience strategy.

MO Fashion solved this problem by using Velocidi to develop their own first-party audiences and boost their campaigns performance.

After two test runs with their new Velocidi audiences, MO’s campaign ROI rose by over 500%. Not only that, but we succeeded in outperforming the retargeting vendor by 16%.

“Gaining the in-house customer intelligence capacity to improve our campaign performance is fantastic,” says André Leite, Head of E-commerce at MO Fashion, “It allows us to optimize paid media investment and become much more effective when engaging with our customers.”

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First-party Audiences Outperform the Market-Leading Retargeting Vendor

Thanks to the whole team and MO fashion for being excellent clients. We are so excited to be a part of your growth.

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