5 Ways To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

It is a common belief that email marketing is no longer effective and that social media will eventually replace it as most brands’ primary communication tool. And yet, statistics show the opposite.

According to a Snovio Labs’ study, 72% of customers prefer email as their primary channel for business communication. Also, over 40% of B2B marketers claim that email is essential in their content marketing strategy. 

So, email marketing is pretty far away from dead. It continues to be one of the most cost-effective methods of converting prospects, increasing R.O.I., establishing long-term relationships with clients, and growing sales.

However, as you are probably aware, sending emails alone is not enough. A message that does not reach its intended recipient or generates no engagement will not convert, which is why it is crucial to plan beforehand. 

Learn how to optimize your email marketing campaigns with these tips.

Plan in advance

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you sell to everyone, you sell to nobody?” It also applies to your email recipients. Begin by defining who you’ll be communicating with before moving on to other tasks, such as designing and writing. 

The segments of people you’ll target can be visitors to your landing page or recipients who did not click on the C.T.A., depending on their stage in the funnel. Once you’ve determined who you want to target, it will be easier to decide what content to deliver.

Following the selection of segments, it is critical to establish campaign objectives. The “SMART” method will help you. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based. This method enables you to define relevant and concise goals while addressing your clients’ pain points. 

Personalize your emails

We get sleepless nights when we see the “Dear Sir or Madam” introduction in emails. One thing that makes your email customer-friendly is that it should be and sound personal. Use a friendly tone and your customers’ names to address them.

And before moving to the content of the emails, consider your clients’ stage in the funnel. Depending on where they are in the sales funnel, they’ll need a different kind of message to move them along to the next stage. (e.g., When you identify at which point of the purchase your users abandon it, you can even offer them incentives to try and change their minds).

A well-designed layout with touchpoints – don’t forget the good old C.T.A. – and proper content distribution are also important. The result is that all users who receive your email will get the best experience possible.

Get started with automation

Email automation lets you send personalized messages to past, current, and future customers at the right time or in response to specific actions. Behavior-triggered emails are the most effective method to determine the optimal cadence and ensure that your brand is always at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Common use cases for triggered emails in e-commerce include tailored messages following cart abandonment and order confirmation emails. This allows you to build real-time relationships with prospects and customers.

Fortunately, with its most recent email integration, Velocidi’s audiences can assist you in ensuring that the right email is being sent to the right person at the right time. We automate the segmentation process so you’ll only have to worry about design and content, and never if the right audience is receiving your message.

Test before you send

“I’m using the same template from last week’s email; it should be ok .” Probably you hear this a lot. Or maybe you say it to yourself sometimes. But the truth is that you should test every email even if you’re using the same structure or template.

Is everything displaying correctly? Is your email correctly displaying the images, fonts, or other elements? Testing will help you identify issues and make the necessary adjustments.

Email testing is a critical component of a great email marketing strategy. For better outcomes, Velocidi can also test which segments will have a better performance according to your business goals (e.g., reduce churned clients). Targeting your “tribe” is now a simple and automated task.

Don’t forget to measure

Email marketing KPIs help you understand whether email marketing is assisting you in achieving your goals, so it’s crucial that you define them during your planning phase. Many marketers only monitor 2 to 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, and click-through rate.

There are a plethora of additional KPIs that can be monitored. However, these metrics alone will not reveal how effective your overall strategy is.

One metric might be necessary for one campaign but not another. It all boils down to your goals and what can help you measure success toward those goals. Empowered with the right insights, you can see what works and identify areas of improvement, so you’re consistently delivering what your subscribers want.

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