Data Unification

The ultimate foundation for machine learning

One unified source of customer journey intelligence.

Whether you have multiple disconnected marketing systems or one all-encompassing marketing cloud, establishing a real-time, unified stream of customer data is the first step to activating your machine learning engine.

Stream customer data from any source controlled by you, be it email, mobile apps, POS, call centers, and others.

Read more about our approach to capturing omnichannel customer journeys here.

Data Collection from any Source

Stream data from all your online properties using 1st-party tags, API connections, image pixels, webhooks, you name it.

Easily onboard data from offline sources for end-to-end customer journey intelligence.

A Real-time, Unified Customer View

Generate omnichannel activity logs for each individual customer..

Monitor all incoming customer activity in a single stream of granular, real-time customer events.


1st-Party Data Ownership

Set up 1st-party data collection using tags written with own domain, to gain absolute ownership and control over your data.

Your 1st-party data is encoded specially for your business, so it is only meaningful to your business, in the context of your web domains.

Identity Resolution Across Channels

Match 1st-party identifiers with IDs from disparate systems for complete and accurate customer profiles.

Recognize unique individuals wherever they interact with you and account for every customer touchpoint.

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