Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy With Personalization

Today’s digital landscape is saturated with messages. Consumers are continuously bombarded with new ways to get their attention, from banner ads to app notifications. 

To stand out, it’s critical to have a strong understanding of your target audience – otherwise, you run the risk of being non-relevant and turned off. 

The idea behind personalized strategies is to make your company/product/service top of mind for your prospective customer by tailoring your message to their specific needs, interests, and experiences.

Why personalization matters

So, personalization is more than just adding names to your marketing emails. It could mean highlighting a new product based on a customer’s purchase history and expected next purchase.

Or it could mean customizing what a visitor sees when they land on your site based on their previous browsing history or an ad they had seen.

If done correctly, you can end up with an almost 1-on-1 communication channel with your customers, raising the chances of them buying from you again and again.

According to recent data from Epsilon, more than 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands speak directly to them and their needs.

Here are some ways to make your marketing efforts more personalized:

Make first-time visitors feel welcome

Whether it’s a pop-up or an embedded banner on your site, a welcoming message can do wonders for creating an inviting experience that makes customers feel like they belong on your site.

A personalized pop-up is one way to greet new visitors and give them the information they need to get started on your site. A pop-up also allows you to offer discounts or other incentives for first-time visitors to try your product(s).

To keep things simple, use this type of personalization sparingly and ensure it doesn’t interfere with user experience.

Live-chat with prospects and clients

No one likes to wait for answers. We live in a time where we have instant access to all sorts of information, so if a product or service cannot meet our needs immediately, we are quick to move on to something else. 

With live chat, you provide clients with a means of contacting you at the very moment they have questions or issues they are unable to resolve. This is far more convenient than sending an email to a support team; using email, it’s difficult to predict when you’ll receive a response.

If you want to keep customers happy, make sure they can quickly get in touch with your business.

Leverage real-time visitor behavior

As an online business, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. The question is: how do you use that data to make better marketing decisions?

Imagine a technology that not only noticed when someone hasn’t purchased in a while — it noticed that user still visits your website and views a specific product but leaves before buying. You could then send that user a personalized message about the product and have that same message pop up when they navigate back to the site.

At Velocidi, we use machine learning models to deliver your client’s personalized experiences that learn from customer behavior in real-time. These models enable marketers to create audiences and start campaigns right away to have a more proactive approach to customer engagement.

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