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How DMI Multiplied Its Revenue with Velocidi

The Digital Marketing Institute has been the global leader in preparing students and professionals to excel at digital marketing. Using Velocidi to access their own data and automate audience segmentation, DMI’s successfully doubled its revenue on Google Ads.


UpWest Unlocks Deeper Value from Customer Data with Velocidi

UpWest is a US-based apparel brand offering consumers comfort-able clothes made with sustainable fabrics. UpWest’s internal and agency teams used Velocidi to identify high-performing first-party audience segments for both prospecting and remarketing campaigns.


Maskk Reduces CPA by 33% With Velocidi Audience Strategies

Online retailer Maskk and their agency Classy Advertising used Velocidi audience strategies in an innovative “full-funnel” AB test to calculate their true cost per acquisition across both prospecting and retargeting campaigns. By uncovering the connection between prospecting audiences and retargeting performance, Maskk reduced their CPA by 33%.


Search Campaigns Yield 264% Higher ROAS with Velocidi Audiences

Velocidi helped Figleaves deploy first-party audiences capturing high-value, and high-intent customers in their Search campaigns. As a result, Figleaves increased revenue from search by 12.4% while achieving a 264% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) than their other search activities.

Download the case study to learn how they did it, and what this means for their search strategy going forward.


First-party Audiences Outperform Market-Leading Retargeting Vendor

MO, an online fashion brand, was using a market-leading retargeting vendor to run campaigns and was unsatisfied with the limited level of control allowed to them, despite good ROI. By giving MO access to their own first-party audience intelligence, Velocidi helped MO take complete control over campaign management and creative, and improved campaign ROI by 530%.


How Figleaves drove 48% of the revenue using only 22% of the ad spend

Discover how the Velocidi optimized audiences generated 48% of the revenue and 45% of conversions coming from the Display and Facebook retargeting campaigns using only about one fifth (22%) of the ad spend across both channels.


How Barkyn Doubled Retargeting Conversions with Velocidi

As a brand that lives and breathes personalization, Barkyn wanted their retargeting strategy to go beyond the basic assumption of, “You visited our site, therefore you must be a potential customer.”  Read the Velocidi case study to learn how we helped them segment their retargeting campaigns according to buyer intent, and deliver relevant messaging to those customers who were most likely to convert.

Velocidi Case Study Retargeting


Identifying Your Most Likely Buyers

A machine learning use case based on client results. In this use case, we describe how the Velocidi CDP’s proprietary machine-learning predictive models helped a busy marketing team develop more efficient and effective marketing campaigns by:

    1. Predicting buyer intent
    2. Autonomously identifying visitors who are most likely to buy in the next seven days.
    3. Enabling their team to deliver tailored marketing messages to visitors based on whether they are more or less likely to make a purchase.


Steady Growth on Half the Ad Spend

Velocidi’s proprietary machine- learning model for predicting buyer intent is used by brands to create more efficient retargeting audiences. PROF is an online shoe store that addressed the challenge of increasing customer acquisition costs by A/B testing their existing retargeting audiences against machine-learning audiences created by Velocidi.

Velocidi Half the ad spend improvement PROF

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