Velocidi’s 2019 in Review

A year in the life of Velocidi is measured in several ways.

It is measured in client success, first and foremost. We’ve helped our clients predict customer intent, increase revenue, improve ROAS, and more. We’ve proved that the success of a customer data software can be measured in tangible ROI, not just ‘IDs matched’ or ‘efficiencies gained.’ And it’s this particular achievement that we believe is responsible for our “Best Customer Data Platform” win at the Digiday Awards.

It is also measured in product development, which we’ve kept strictly centered on client needs. We gained a new in-house UX/UI designer this year, who has helped improve the overall look, feel, and functionality of the product. And we’ve continuously worked to engineer new features and upgrade existing ones, including attribution reports, and visual tools for building machine-learning segments.

Some aspects of company growth cannot be measured in hard numbers. 2019 was a new beginning for Velocidi. After acquiring ShiftForward in 2018, and re-focusing our product to better serve client needs, the company came into 2019 with various forms of reorganization. The most important part of this transition was getting our Porto and New York teams well integrated.

In part, that meant adding more meetings to the calendar or adopting new collaboration tools. It has also meant connecting on a personal level, to build trust and respect with teammates you almost never see in person. It’s a subtle effort that we weren’t constantly focused on. As we worked together over time personal connections developed naturally. But the results were good enough that we felt the impulse to share some thoughts on team culture in a Linkedin article. And to our astonishment, about 97,000 people seemed to agree with our approach.

So there isn’t one single metric that could possibly sum up our entire year. We’ve been fortunate to work alongside great clients, and our team has enjoyed a fruitful year of challenges and accomplishments.

Thank you all for being with us during 2019. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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