Good Luck This Holiday (Shopping) Season!

It’s Thanksgiving in the US this week, but both in the US and the EU our clients are gearing up for Black Friday, Cyber Week and the rest of the holiday season.

This year is sure to be an event, with fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and record high online sales predicted from multiple sources. DTC brands have their work cut out for them as always, fighting for shopper attention in a retail holiday traditionally dominated by Amazon and Walmart. Needless to say, we’re in for an overwhelming couple of weeks for shoppers and retailers alike.

We could give you a message of encouragement about how confident we are in our machine learning solutions and how our clients are sure to be doing everything they can to decrease ad clutter and provide a better shopping experience for your customers…but honestly, we don’t think you need that right now.

Instead, we’d like to offer you a small moment of peace before the rush.

So whether you’re in for an enormous family gathering, a hectic sales sprint, or both, best of luck to all retailers out there! And to our clients, looking forward to celebrating the results with you in January!

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