First-party data sources for e-commerce brands

Ongoing technological changes and concerns about privacy regulations are making companies rethink their data strategies. The shift from third to first-party data will take time and might be challenging at the start. However, an early effort in collecting and activating first-party data will allow businesses to adapt more easily as changes come about.

No matter what you’re selling, you need to comprehend what type of person is most likely to want the product or service you provide. Unlocking the potential of first-party data sources will help you understand customer’s needs, based on digital touchpoints and interactions with your brand. Here are  six fundamental and easy ways to obtain first-party data:


Unlike third-party data, often widely available to different companies, first-party is unique to each business. You collect it directly from the source and so you know it’s relevant. When used strategically, first-party data helps brands prioritize high-value leads, improve retention, and optimize PPC campaigns.

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