Velocidi at TSEcommerce in Porto

A quick update on life in Porto today.

As a part of our culture, Velocidi’s Porto team has always been invested and involved in the local startup, e-commerce, and technology communities. As a result, attending and supporting events in the area is something we do regularly.

Recently, Velocidi sponsored a local e-commerce conference called TSEcommerce, attended by over 500 people from companies from all over Portugal and beyond. We were there to showcase our CDP, and offer our perspective on how e-commerce and DTC brands can navigate data privacy concerns, as well as changes to tracking technology being implemented by major tech companies.

One key takeaway: Even if the pathway is unclear, everyone agrees that consumer privacy is important enough to impact their businesses.

At our booth, we had a sticker poll running with one question: “Protecting consumer privacy is essential for the success of my brand – Agree or Disagree?” Visitors could place a sticker anywhere they wished along a horizontal chart between “agree” and “disagree.” The closest anyone went to “disagree” was a sticker right in the middle of the scale. And several people placed their stickers off the end of the chart past “agree.”

Protecting consumer privacy is essential for the success of my brand - Agree or Disagree?

In Europe, the implementation of the GDPR at least provides a framework for privacy. But still, learning to manage customer data in a privacy-conscious manner continues to pose a challenge, as data management on its own is already difficult enough.

TSEcommerce allowed us to get a deeper insight into the state of Portugal’s and neighboring countries’ eCommerce initiatives, and meet both established and emerging businesses. Talking to the attendees at the conference also provided an opportunity to witness first-hand that eCommerce companies of all sizes are eager to adopt forward-thinking martech solutions such as the private CDP while focusing a lot of their attention on data ownership.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the action.

Next up, our engineering team is heading to COMMIT Porto, to mingle with software engineering students and support up-and-coming talent.