Private Platforms are Changing Expectations for CDPs (ExchangeWire)

This week, Paulo Cunha spoke with ExchangeWire about the significance of a ‘private’ solution in the CDP category. The published Q&A covers the perceived role of a CDP, the every growing importance of privacy and security, and a few notes on Velocidi’s next steps.

In a separate article, Paulo also spoke on the topic of how direct-to-consumer(DTC) brands can take advantage of a CDP. Many DTC brands might not consider the idea that a CDP could be right for them at their current stage. However, Velocidi has made it a priority to provide solutions specifically for the DTC business model. So Paulo had some insights to share about what DTC brands can expect from a CDP, and how they can use one to grow their business.

You can read all about it on ExchangeWire and DTC Daily.

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