Introducing the Velocidi Podcast!

At Velocidi, we’ve been lucky to meet and work with a lot of smart people in our industry. Our community includes brand marketers, performance agency pros, data experts, and more. Our favorite topic to talk about with all these brilliant people is, obviously, how to turn customer data into actionable, ROI-boosting audience segments, attribution reports, you name it.

Recently with marketing teams everywhere being forced to drastically adjust their plans, we’ve naturally been talking and working with our clients and partners to learn what’s really working what isn’t. The current circumstances are forcing these conversations to be ultra-relevant, but we’ve found that the solutions we’re coming up with really apply to all times, not just times of crisis.

So to take advantage of the heightened focus we’re experiencing today, and make sure we keep that focus in the future, we decided to hit record.

Introducing the first episode of the Velocidi Podcast!

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be talking to a few of our favorite experts about the fundamental tactics of data and marketing that have the biggest impact on brand success in good times and bad. Each episode will be short and sweet, and we’ll keep the content practical and relevant.

Our first episode features Scott Breitenother, Founder of Brooklyn Data Co. He and Velocidi CEO Paulo Cunha, set the stage with a discussion on finding what works, taking risks, and getting to know your most loyal customers.

Podcasting is a new experience for our team, so we’re learning a lot as we go, and we would love your feedback! Send us your questions and comments at What topics do you want us to cover more deeply? Do you want to hear more from Scott? Do you know of other people we should talk to?

The Velocidi Podcast is available on Anchor FM and rolling out to other platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. Take a listen!

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