How to Maintain Steady Growth on Half the Ad Spend

Positive reports of the high volume Black Friday sales were somewhat dampened by the news of high ad costs cutting into brands’ ROAS.

The increasing costs of acquisition has been a rising concern this past year, and it’s one we’ve made special effort to address with our clients. When you add the fact that Black Friday sales tend to be driven by steep discounts you can end up with some disappointing margins.

PROF, an online shoe store, has been addressing this challenge by A/B testing their existing retargeting audiences against highly efficient audiences created by Velocidi.

During the past several weeks, including Black Friday, PROF reported that their Velocidi-optimized retargeting audience generated the same revenue as their “business as usual” retargeting audiences on only half of the ad spend. Thanks to this boost in ROAS, PROF enjoyed steady growth through the holiday season.

Thanks to the team at PROF for being excellent clients and collaborators. Here’s to one more victory in the fight against rising customer acquisition costs!

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