The GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams

The GDPR is finally here, as you can probably tell by the massive amount of emails flooding your inbox asking you to update your preferences. Time went by quickly, didn’t it?

If you still feel like a deer in headlights staring at all this legislation, you are probably not alone. But it’s time to hit the gas and make sure your company is in accordance with every single parameter of the GDPR. It is no easy business ensuring compliance, and the fallout if you are caught violating the GDPR can be pretty grim.

We are not leaving you all by yourself though. That’s why we created The GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams. We kept it short and sweet, and because we wanted it to be dependable, we added some expert insights from Dr. Christoph Bauer, from ePrivacy.

These are the topics we’ll tackle:

  • Basics on Territorial Scope and Fines
  • Privacy by Design
  • Privacy by Default
  • Pseudonymisation
  • Data Deletion
  • User Consent
  • Article 6(1)(f) – the one about “Legitimate Interest”
  • ePrivacy Regulation

We’re also adding a small checklist where you will find the steps everybody should take to make a seamless transition into GDPR compliance.

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