Control your Audiences and your Creative with Velocidi

The top vendor in display retargeting for the past several years has maintained dominance and has delivered good ROI for their clients despite one major drawback: brands have limited control of their campaigns.

In exchange for ease of use and satisfactory conversion rates, brands continue to spend money on a solution that does not let them customize budget allocation or frequency. And there is very little control over creative. The vendor controls the audiences and decides for itself on the how, when, and where of ad delivery.

Velocidi’s client, MO Fashion, was one such brand in this situation. MO ran campaigns on both Google and Facebook through a traditional retargeting vendor (TRV for short). They also ran campaigns on Google and Facebook which they manage directly, so their customers can at least see some ads that are thoughtfully crafted and well branded. But the TRV consistently delivers better ROI.

When Velocidi started working with MO, we set a challenge for ourselves. We promised MO that by using Velocidi to create and activate first-party audience segments they could make their own Google and Facebook campaigns run as well or better than those managed by the TRV. If we succeeded, MO would be able to control their audiences, their creative, and maintain high performance.

After working with MO for less than a month, we can already proudly proclaim our victories.

After two test runs of MO’s own campaigns with their new Velocidi audiences, ROI rose by over 500%.

Not only that, but we succeeded in outperforming the TRV by 16%.

The best part is that this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more on this story in the coming weeks!

Talk to us about unlocking high-performing audiences from your own customer data so you can crush your KPIs and keep control of your branding.

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