Setting You Up For Success


During onboarding, Velocidi provides a dedicated customer success representative, a one-hour weekly stand up meeting and service hours according to your license tier to address the activities in the operational and business tracks described below.

Operational Track

Client to setup a new Amazon AWS environment and provide access to Velocidi.

Velocidi to deploy the CDP.

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Business Track

Velocidi and Client to review and prioritize the Client’s marketing goals for the CDP.

Velocidi and Client to establish channel integration priorities.

Operational Track

Velocidi to provide guidance to Client on establishing channel integrations.

Client to implement the integrations between the CDP and appropriate channels.

Velocidi and Client to QA data collected through channel integrations.

Velocidi to initiate predictive models based on the established priorities.

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Operational Track

Velocidi to provide training sessions to Client on using the CDP.

Client, with guidance from Velocidi, to setup initial audience segments and activations according to the established priorities.

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Business Track

Velocidi and Client to review initial results from established objectives.

Velocidi and Client to iterate and improve strategies based on results.



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